Natural and healthy products are the two determining factors when choosing a beauty treatment.

Natural and healthy products are the two determining factors when choosing a beauty treatment.

Lala Cano, SAKTI’s manager, assures the beauty sector and beauty trends have evolved and grown exponentially.

Before people sought excess and artificiality while today, they seek authenticity and health

Lala Cano, manager, and founder of Beauty Salon SAKTI, located in the center of Ibiza Town, decided to work in the beauty sector because of her “passion for helping people to feel well and look good”. A beauty therapist specialized in facial and body treatments as well as eye design, Cano arrived at the island from Madrid 24 years ago and decided to follow her dreams and open a beauty center that is now running with great dedication since 2008. Professionalism, experience, latest technology advances and trends,and personalized care are the hall marks of one of the leading beauty experts on the Pitiusa Islands

The beauty sector is constantly launching new and innovative treatments addressed to improve your inner and outer wellness. There are that many, that sometimes it is impossible to keep your business up to date. Why is there such a boom in the industry?

The beauty sector is a large market that encompasses products and services to improve your physical appearance. In terms of services, the sector includes beauty salons, spas, cosmetic clinics, esthetic surgery clinics and many other establishments. It is a sector that is constantly evolving and growing, propelled by ahuge consumer demand who is in constant search for new products and treatments to help them improve their physical appearance and general wellbeing.

The fashion and beauty trends, technological advances that include new machinery, the improvement of the ingredients used in the elaboration of beauty products are some of the most influential factors in the development and evolution of this sector. There are more and more people who look after themselves, not only physically, but health wise too.

What makes this sector so prolific?

This sector is unique due to its capacity to improve people’s confidence and self-esteem, thanks to products, treatments and services that satisfy their personal care needs and improve their physical appearance. In a sector of constant evolution that is always seeking to improve their products and services, adapting to the market’s demands and the consumer’s preferences. For example, in our salon, we offer the most innovative techniques, and we are up to date with the new technology and treatments.

What made you dedicate to the world of esthetics and wellbeing?

My main reason was my passion to help people feel and look better thus improving their confidence and self-esteem. I have always liked the world of beauty and the infinite possibilities it brings to specialize in different areas such as make-up, hairdressing, esthetic surgery, or product sale. I work in beauty to help others to feel and look better but also because of the opportunities this ever-evolving sector offers.

What is the star beauty treatment in your salon?

One of the most demanded and popular treatments at SAKTI BEAUTY is the facial hygiene, with products designed to clean, hydrate, and rejuvenate your facial skin. We customize the treatment according to every client’s needs and we use different techniques and products to achieve spectacular results. This treatment offers multiple benefits for the skin, such as the removal of impurities, deep hydration, fine line and wrinkle reduction, texture enhancement and even skin tone as well as younger and more radiant appearance.

Have the clients’ preferences changed much on the last years?

Yes, clients’ preferences have changed dramatically. Before there was more artificial beauty, with lots of make-up and products full of chemicals. Now people go for a more natural look, with less make-up, they are more focused on the skin and body wellbeing. Moreover, people are paying more attention to the product ingredients and their impact on the environment, and they value non-invasive and less aggressive treatments. In a nutshell, before people sought excess and artificiality while today, they seek authenticity and health.

What nails are in fashion this season?

Neon colors are the trend for the summer. Also, vibrant colors such as green, orange and pink are very popular as they add joy and fun to any look. Degrading colors are still in vogue, as well as flowers, animal prints, classic shimmers, and shines.

Is there an ideal treatment for everyone?

Of course, each person has their own features and needs. What works for you cannot work on someone else. Therefore, it is important that every person seeks a treatment that adapts to their specific needs and that professionals know how to work out what the best treatment is for each specific client.

What is yours?

My perfect treatment contains active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol to boast a brighter, firmer, and softer skin.

You left Madrid to come and live in Ibiza 24 years ago. What brought you here?

The climate and the quality of life. Ibiza has a warm and very pleasant climate during the whole year, with over 300 days of sun. Also, the island has a very relaxed and quiet vibe, and it is exactly what I was looking for: a healthier lifestyle. The first time I set foot on the island I fell in love with its natural beauty and its landscapes with its crystal water beaches, green rolling mountains and hidden corners with breathtaking views to the sea.

Madrid had become too suffocating for me to live and coming to Ibiza was the best decision ever.

Would you recommend our readers to visit Ibiza and Formentera?

Of course. Both islands offer a unique experience that combine beautiful beaches, stunning natural landscapes, rich local culture, lively nightlife, and a wide range of activities for all ages and tastes. Besides, Ibiza and Formentera have a wide variety of places to stay, from luxury hotels to more affordable lodgings and boasts a varied local cuisine that includes fresh seafood and traditional dishes.

If people prefer the nightlife, I really recommend Ibiza but for a quieter and less crowded holidays it is better to visit Formentera.

What is your favorite spot?

One of my favorite spots on the island is Platges de Comte. The panoramic views to the sea and the nearby isles are amazing. When you are there, you feel like you are in a magical place, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The crystal waters and white sands invite you to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea, while the bars and restaurants offer delicious options for food and drinks to complete the experience. It is a place you must visit if you come to Ibiza.

And in Formentera, Illetes beach or the lighthouse of La Mola with its beautiful views to the sparkling sea from its cliff.